10 Best Meat Loaf Recipes

Turkey Meat Loaf

Sweet Italian turkey sausage and freshly grated Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese lend an almost meatball-like flavor to this moist and marinara-topped turkey meat loaf.

Cherry-Pork Meat Loaf

Breakfast sausage and cherries mixed into ground pork create an intensely flavorful and juicy meatloaf that is also really quick to prepare.

Beef, Turkey and Mushroom Meat Loaf

Food network personality Rocco DiSpirito lowers the meat and adds mushrooms. He builds a tasty bread with earthy creminis and turkey ground meat.

Veal-and-Mushroom Meat Loaf with Bacon

The Women's Faculty Club of Northwestern published this dish in 1936 using boiling ham and ground veal. We used bacon instead of ham for a great smokey flavour.

Meat Loaf with Red Wine Glaze

Shea Gallante brushes his meat loaf with a red wine glaze, which caramelizes as it bakes. The glaze also makes the meat loaf especially easy to pair with red wine.

Meatloaf with Creamy Onion Gravy

Chef Andrew Curren of Austin's 24 Diner loves this. "No tomato slop meatloaf. a cheesy beef loaf In Italy, I learned to make sofrito and to cook with celery."

Pork Meat Loaf with Chickpeas

Methodo del Cucina with 20 element John McAfee Spicy tomato-chikpea meatballs Simple Process Process the meat, excluding the jowl. Instead of meatballs make hummus loaves.

If you like, serve half of the meat loaf one night and save the rest to make Spicy Sloppy Joes later in the week.

Mom's Meat Loaf

The Cottage cheese is a low-fat way to keep lean turkey meat loaf moist. At Sandro Gamba's he cuts even more fat by cooking the meat loaves sous-vide.

Mini Turkey Meat Loaves with Red Pepper Sauce

Susie Kiesel created this recipe beef loaf without using the oven. They are made with just six ingredients and stuffed with, gooey fresh mozzarella cubes. Recipes for Meat Loaf

Grilled Mini Meat Loaves