10 Ginger Cocktails Flavor

Ginger Martini

A simple staple of every mixologists repertoire, the ginger martini is a spicier version of the originally sweet cocktail. Makes one cocktail.

Ginger Old Fashioned

Adding just a few slices of ginger to an old fashioned recipe can really give the drink a deeper, more robust flavor.

Ginger Rogers

Named after the famous actress, this San Francisco cocktail is both light and refreshing with it's mixture of gin, lemon juice, ginger ale, and mint.

Moscow Mule

a Moscow mule is just as refreshing as a can of cold ginger ale, but has a punch that lasts long after you've finished drinking.

Vodka Ginger

Very similar to other flavored vodka cocktails, the vodka ginger is a simple, tart drink that combines club soda, ginger syrup, lime juice, and vodka.


Not to be mistaken for the mid-century cartoon bird, the foghorn has a backwoods charm to it and makes a perfect drink to sip when you're tending to your garden.

Ginger-Rosemary Cocktail

the strong flavors of rosemary, lemon, and ginger, and combines it with the spicier flavors of bourbon and ginger beer.

Napoleon's Loss

This more complex recipe centers itself firmly between sweet and sour by balancing mezcal, tequila, and lemon juice with agave and ginger.

Perfect Storm

the best of the autumnal flavor profiles and combining it into one drink, this cocktail will go perfect with the cinnamon brooms and bare trees of the fall season.

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