10 Health Benefits of Whey Protein

 source of high quality protein

It is a complete, high quality protein that contains all of the essential amino acids. In addition, absorbed from your gut quickly compared with other types of protein.

protein promotes muscle growth

Strength training, coupled with the consumption of high protein foods or protein supplements, has been shown to be an effective preventive strategy.

lower blood pressure

This effect has been attributed to a family of bioactive peptides in dairy, so-called angiotensin-converting-enzyme inhibitors (ACE-inhibitors).

help treat type 2 diabetes

Whey protein has been found to be effective at moderating blood sugar, increasing both the levels of insulin and the sensitivity to its effects.

reduce inflammation

Inflammation is part of the body’s response to damage. Short-term inflammation can be beneficial, but under certain circumstances it may become chronic.

inflammatory bowel disease

In both rodents and humans, whey protein supplementation has been found to have beneficial effects on IBD .

 body’s antioxidant defenses

A number of studies in both humans and rodents have found that whey proteins may reduce oxidative stress and increase levels of glutathione.

beneficial effects on blood fats

In one study in overweight individuals, 65 grams of whey protein per day, for 12 weeks, led to a significant reduction in total and LDL cholesterol.

help reduce hunger

Not all proteins have the same effect on satiety. Whey protein appears to be more satiating than other types of protein, such as casein and soy.

can help you lose weight

Whey protein has been shown to be particularly effective, and it may have a superior effect on fat burning and satiety than other protein types.

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