10 reasons to never drink diet soda

Heart failure

The second group drank diet soda. A heart attack was 43 percent more likely among individuals who drank diet soda than those who drank normal soda, according to a 2012 research.


An AGS research of almost 800 seniors found that diet soda usage increased abdominal obesity. A separate research found that artificially sweetened drinkers had higher BMIs.


Unlike sugar-laden sodas, artificially sweetened diet drinks boost dementia risk. Diet drinkers have almost tripled dementia risk. Diet, smoking, and exercise were not adjusted for gender.


The same research revealed that daily intake of diet drinks was linked to an increased risk of stroke over a decade. Older research has linked low-calorie drinks to an increased risk of stroke.

High blood pressure

HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE INCREASES CARDIAC Diet drinks may cause high blood pressure in overweight or obese people. Another factor might be salt.

Diabetes and blindness

Diet Coke use elevated diabetes risk by 67%. Diabetes ranked 7th in 2015 mortality. Insulin surges were worsened by artificial sweeteners in cola. They may also induce hunger and

Stomach issues

Sugar substitutes influence intestinal flora in mice. The stomach had elevated amounts of systemic fatty acids, associated to obesity and non-carbohydrate gluconeogenesis.

Liver problems

The risk of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is increased by diet drinks. Patients with mild to severe fatty infiltration consumed mostly Coca-Cola and Diet Coke in one study.


Soft drinks, both normal and diet, harm your bones due to phosphoric acid. The National Osteoporosis Foundation recommends no more than five soft drinks each week.


No evidence Cancer-causing aspartame No mice, just male and female rat tumours Leukemia and other blood cancers in male mice prompted the Center Science in the Public Interest to advise caution.