10 rowing machine benefit

Each stroke of the rowing machine works 86 percent of your muscles, according to Sarah Fuhrmann, certified rowing instructor and owner of UCanRow2.

It uses all the major muscle groups

The rower does it all. The rowing machine meets Fuhrmann ""picks him up" and takes him "somewhere." " "Dumbells are yours to Pace yourself and rely on your own."

It’s a super-adaptable workout

Go straight to the rowing machine to lose weight. According to the 2011 Compendium of Physical Activities, a 180lb person can burn 200 calories rowing for 30 minutes.

It's a great calorie burner

With so many muscles and so many calories burned, rowing is a quick workout. Those first few strokes will be tough. A 15 or 20 minute training session is sufficient.

It's time-efficient

A low-impact workout like rowing. Rowing doesn't jar your joints because it doesn't involve running or jumping. But, unlike many low-impact exercises, it is strenuous.

 It's low-impact

Despite Its Low-Impact Nature, Rowing Benefits Bone Health (Essential For Staving Off Osteoporosis). The Research Looked At 60 Rowers, Swimmers, And Sedentary People.

It's good for your bone health

Every Handle Pull Strengthens Your Forearms And Hands. Grips Strength Is Linked To Overall Strength, Upper Limb , Bone Mineral Density, Risk Of Falling And Nutrition.

It can strengthen your grip.

"Rowing is for everyone," Fuhrmann said. Olympic rowers and novices can row right next to each other, both getting a great workout and having fun.

 It's good for all fitness levels

One of rowing's most amazing features is its calming rhythm. "A slower stroke is meditative, healing and magical. A meditative row can be as soothing as a leisurely walk."

It improves mental health.

Cross-training has long been recommended. Cross-training may help with overall fitness, overtraining, and mental exhaustion, according to a Sports Medicine study.

It's good for other sports.

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