10 Best Steaks to Grill for Perfectly Juicy

Rib-Eye Steak

The rib-eye steak is perhaps the finest of all steaks, offering a combination of luxurious tenderness plus big, beefy flavor.

Strip Steaks

Alternately called a New York strip, Kansas City strip, strip loin, or top loin steak, the strip steak is every bit as magnificent as the ribeye. 

Tenderloin Steaks

Beef tenderloin is the most tender and expensive cut of beef. This long, pencil-shaped muscle resides deep within the beef short loin.

T-Bone Steaks

T-bone steaks are a lot like porterhouse steaks, only they are cut slightly forward on the short loin.

Porterhouse Steaks

The porterhouse steak is a cross-section of the beef short loin taken from the rump end.

Skirt Steaks

Our first selection to come from somewhere other than the short loin section of the cow, skirt steak comes to us from the beef plate primal.

Top Sirloin Steaks

Top sirloin steaks represent a compromise between cost, flavor, and tenderness. Taken from the beef sirloin primal cut, which runs from the lower back to the hip bone.

Flank Steaks

Flank steak comes from the beef flank primal cut or the belly, and like the skirt steak, it is both flavorful and tough, with fat bundles of muscle fibers.

Chuck Eye Steaks

Chuck eye steaks are the very first or maybe first two steaks cut from the beef chuck primal cut, right where it joins the rib primal. 

Flat Iron Steaks

Flat-iron steaks are taken from the beef chuck primal and are basically a top blade steak that's cut lengthwise rather than crosswise.

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