11 proven benefits of ginger

Gingerol is a potent therapeutic ingredient

Ginger has been used in traditional and alternative medicine for a long time. It has been used to assist digestion, and combat the flu and common cold.

Treats nausea, particularly morning sickness

Ginger tends to help with nausea. It may help reduce nausea and vomiting after some surgeries. Ginger may possibly relieve nausea after chemotherapy,

May help with weight loss

Ginger has been shown to help humans and animals lose weight. A 2019 research found that taking ginger reduced body weight, waist-hip ratio, and hip ratio in obese people.

Can help with osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis (OA) is a common health problem. It involves degeneration of the joints in the body, leading to symptoms such as joint pain and stiffness.

Reduces blood sugar and improves heart

Ginger may offer potent anti-diabetic benefits, according to recent studies. 2 grammes of ginger powder per day decreased fasting blood sugar by 12%.

Can help treat chronic indigestion

Chronic indigestion causes persistent upper stomach pain and discomfort. Ginger has been demonstrated to speed up stomach emptying.

May significantly reduce pain

Dysmenorrhea refers to pain felt during the menstrual cycle. One of the traditional uses of ginger is for pain relief, including menstrual pain.

May help lower cholesterol levels

In a 2018 trial of 60 hyperlipidemics, 30 got 5 grammes of ginger paste daily for 3 months, and their LDL (bad) cholesterol dropped 17.4%. (28).

Contains a that prevent cancer

Ginger has been researched as an alternative cancer treatment. Gingerol, which is abundant in raw ginger, is thought to have anti-cancer effects.

May improve brain function and prevent Alzheimer's

Ginger Chronic inflammation and oxidative stress may hasten ageing. They may be a cause of Alzheimer's disease and age-related cognitive impairment.

Can help fight infections

Gingerol can help lower the risk of infections. In fact, ginger extract can inhibit the growth of many different types of bacteria.

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