30-Minute Circuit Workout for Children

Jogin Place

To make jogging in place fun, be creative. Count how many steps your child takes in 90 seconds. Have your child count with you. As this becomes easier, count two steps as one.

Push Ups

Have your child us the “modified” approach, and break this one up into 5 sets of 5 or 10 pushups for a total of 25 or 50 reps. Encouragement is key here.


Squats are good for your child's bone growth and lower extremity strength. Have your youngster squat for 90 seconds, resting as required.

Jump Rope

 Jumping is the best exercise for bone development. The impact from hitting the ground encourages bone growth, which will decrease the risk of fracture in your now active child.

Pilates Crunch

child will be required to perform crunches in PE class. So you can simply coach and encourage them. Until your child's endurance improves, I recommend 10 second crunches.

Wall Sits

Excellent for posture and leg strength. Hold Wall Sits for 90 seconds total, broken down into several sets as required. Do these with your youngster to make it a challenge.


Finally, Superman exercises the back and core. Grow alongside your child in 10-second increments. Then explain to them that this is the “real exercise” superheroes do.

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