6 Best Health Benefits Of Poppy Seeds

Poppy Seeds Are Used In Baked Goods & Traditional Dishes Worldwide. Both The Seeds & Their Oil Are Said To Offer Various Health Benefits, From Treating Headaches & Coughs To Curing Asthma & Insomnia

1. Rich in nutrients and antioxidants

Poppy Seeds Are Rich In Fiber, Healthy Fats, And Several Micronutrients. In Particular, They’re An Excellent Source Of Manganese.

2. May contain pain-relieving compounds 

The Poppy Plant Contains Morphine, Codeine, Thebaine & Other Opium Alkaloids Known For Their Pain-Relieving, Calming, And Sleep-Inducing Properties.

Poppy Seeds With No Cleaning May Include Morphine, Codeine, Or Thebaine. Unwashed Poppy Seeds May Have Pain-Relieving Properties, But They Should Only Be Used Under Medical Supervision.

3. May boost heart and skin health

Poppyseed Oil Is Particularly Rich In Mono- And Polyunsaturated Fats, Which May Be Beneficial For Your Heart And Skin.

As Per Research, Eating A Diet High In Unsaturated Fats Can Cut Your Risk Of Heart Attack And Stroke By Up To 17%. It May Be Highly Helpful To Swap Saturated Fats In Your Diet With Unsaturated Fats.

4. May aid digestion

Poppy Seeds Are Rich In Fiber, Which May Improve Gut Health And Reduce Constipation

5. May safeguard against certain illnesses

The Antioxidants In These Seeds May Protect Your Body From Cellular Damage And Various Illnesses.

6. May enhance fertility

Some Research Indicates That Women Who’ve Had Products Derived From Poppyseed Oil Flushed Through Their Fallopian Tubes May Experience Improved Fertility.

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