8 foods cardiologists try to avoid

Foods like bacon

Hayes, a vegetarian with a cardiac condition, In addition to avoiding processed meats, she also avoided foods high in sodium and nitrates.

packaged foods like chips

Stay away from the little pouches of salty, crunchy carbs you might encounter in a vending machine, the doctors advised.


Hayes limits her sweets intake to once a week and eats small amounts to conserve calories. Her main goal is to maintain her weight for 30 years.

Too much protein

A country fixated on protein, Freeman said. Consumption of twice the daily recommended protein intake stresses kidneys and may cause future difficulties.

Fast food

Hayes avoids fast food. AVOID burger and chicken establishments because “nothing on the menu is healthy.” Non-fried dishes are often heavy in sugar.

 Energy drinks

Freeman said he avoids them because they contain added sugar, plus ingredients that may potentially induce problems like high blood pressure or arrhythmia.

 Added salt

Notably, few Americans overdo themselves on salt. And it's not unusual to receive three or four times the usual quantity. In pickles and brined chicken breasts.

Coconut oil

“Some studies utilise it to create atherosclerosis,” he noted. “It's great for hair and skin, but I wouldn't eat too much.”

cozy soups to simmer in the crockpot