8 Health Benefits of Guava

Lower Blood Sugar

Guava may help regulate blood sugar levels. Several investigations in test tubes and animals indicated that guava leaf extract improved blood sugar management and insulin resistance.

Boost Heart Health

They assist your heart in many ways. Its high antioxidant and vitamin content may help protect the heart. Guavas are high in soluble fibre and potassium.


Dysmenorrhea is a severe menstrual condition that causes stomach pains. However, guava leaf extract may help ease menstruation cramps.

Digestive System

Fibre-rich Guavas Guavas may help you poo. It meets 13% of daily fibre requirements. digestion of guava leaf extract It may ease diarrhoea.

Weight Loss

Guavas are low in calories. It offers 37 calories and 14% of your daily fibre needs. The vitamins and minerals make them a great low-calorie snack.

 Anticancer Effect

Oncoguava leaf extract Oncologists say guava extract may delay or stop cancer cell growth. Cells are protected from the damaging effects of free radicals.

Boost Your Immunity

Vitamin C deficiency increases the risk of infection and disease. Guavas are one of the best dietary sources of vitamin C, so eat up!

 Good for Your Skin

Vitamins and antioxidants in guava may improve your skin. Its antioxidants may help prevent skin damage and wrinkles.

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