9 Old Fashioned Chocolate Desserts 

German Chocolate Cake

Surprise, this stunning cake topped with curls of coconut, pecan filling, and mounds of sweet chocolate frosting is not German at all. 

Black Forest Cake

Often confused with German Chocolate Cake, Black Forest Cake is actually from Germany. 


This layered chocolate cake with apricot jam or cherries covered in chocolate ganache was the creation of Austria chef Franz Sacher in 1832.

Texas Sheet Cake

Traditional Texas Sheet Cake is a thin, chocolate cake made with buttermilk and unsweetened cocoa baked in a sheet pan. 

Red Velvet Cake

Yes, despite being red, this cake is actually chocolate. Flour was much coarser in the 1800s and when acidic cocoa was used in this recipe, 

Whoopie Pies

Origins of this cakey sandwich cookie creation with vanilla frosting in the center are debated, but most sources credit the Amish in Pennsylvania.

Mayonnaise Cake

Sources attribute the rise of using mayonnaise in chocolate cake to the Great Depression or during World War II when eggs and dairy were scarce,

Mississippi Mud Cake

Mississippi Mud Cake and Mississippi Mud Pie are two different, though both beloved desserts. 

Mississippi Mud Pie

Named for the dark mud found at the banks of the Mississippi River, this dessert, as its name implies, isn't fancy. 

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