ALARMING NEWS: 4 different size asteroids approaching earth

Four asteroids of different sizes will come close to the Earth today, among which will be the asteroid 7482 (1994 PC1). NASA confirmed this development in a tweet.

This asteroid, dubbed as potentially hazardous by NASA, is a kilometre wide and 2.5 times the height of the Empire State Building in the US.

This asteroid will shine at around magnitude 10, a target for observers using a 6-inch or larger backyard telescope. 

The other asteroids that will approach the Earth today are -- Asteroid 2021 BA, Asteroid 2022 AW and Asteroid 2022 AA6.

Asteroid 2021 BA is 17-37 meters wide and will approach the Earth at a speed of 32,724 kilometres per hour. This asteroid last came close to the Moon in 2021. 

Asteroid 2022 AW will approach the Earth at a speed of 36,468 kilometres per hour and will come 35,98,002 kilometres close to the planet.

Asteroid 2022 AW will come close to the planet in July 2029. Asteroid 2022 AA6, which is 10-22 meters wide, will approach the Earth at a speed of 16,200 kilometres per hour.

“Our Planetary Defense scientists have examined the 1 kilometre diameter asteroid 1994 PC1 for decades. No worries, 1994 PC1 will safely pass 1.2 million miles past our globe on Tuesday, January 18th.

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