Ariana DeBose, With a Killer Outfit and Confident Delivery, Slayed on SNL

Those of us who’ve been watching Saturday Night Live for our entire lives would have no problem delivering a spontaneous TED Talk about what makes a good host

 We certainly know what makes a bad one

Some say professional athletes should never get the chance to embarrass themselves —and us — no matter how famous they are.

Actors who are so A-list they don’t care whether we can tell they’re openly reading their lines off the cue cards are another class of bummer host (cough Robert De Niro cough cough).

. Lorne Michaels himself infamously identified Steven Seagal as the worst host the show had ever had.

But if we know the kinds of people who tend to make bad hosts, we also know who’s probably going to be great: people who already have experience performing live

 People who refuse to squander what could be their very first introduction to millions of viewers. People who are triple threats.

In other words, of course Ariana DeBose slayed in her first visit to the show.

DeBose’s list of screen credits is still relatively short. You may have seen her in The Prom on Netflix in 2020. If you recently bought a piece of Apple hardware, perhaps you checked her out in