Bahamas cruise ships seized

Authorities are said to have detained two cruise ships belonging to Genting Hong Kong's Crystal Cruises in connection with a lawsuit over unpaid fuel bills totaling US$4.6 million.

The ships Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity were seized in the Bahamas after diverting from their original destinations to avoid such action, according to Cruise Law News.

Crystal Symphony sailed from Miami to the Bahamas on January 24 to avoid being apprehended by US marshals, and Crystal Serenity arrived in Bimini last week.

Both ships were apprehended in Freeport on Friday, according to crew members, though it's unclear how they were apprehended given that the Bahamas is outside of US jurisdiction.

Genting Hong Kong has filed for bankruptcy due to debts of over US$2.8 billion. However

Crystal Serenity and Crystal Symphony sailing in the Caribbean and Crystal Endeavor in Antarctica – would complete their voyages before going on hiatus.

The subsidiary filed for the company's winding up last week in order to protect key assets and sustain value.

In the Bahamas, authorities arrest two ships owned by Genting Hong Kong's Crystal Cruises.

24 January to avoid seizure by US marshals before being joined by Crystal Serenity in Bimini last week. Crystal Serenity had been refused permission to dock in Aruba.