Healing The Divide's Iris Koh denied bail ahead of Chinese New Year

SINGAPORE — Co-founder of controversial anti-vaxxer group Healing The Divide Iris Koh was denied bail on Monday (31 January) 

following her lawyer's urgent application to the High Court to have Koh released in time for the Chinese New Year.

Justice Vincent Hoong, who heard the application in the High Court, said that Koh's delay in being released were caused by her own actions,

including her attempts to frustrate investigations. 

While originally scheduled to appear in court on Friday, Koh was admitted to Singapore General Hospital (SGH) for hyperthyroidism.

Koh had also been admitted into the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) earlier in her remand for suspected psychosis, Koh's lawyer Clarence Lun revealed in court. 

On Monday, Lun and three Deputy Public Prosecutors attended court via a Zoom hearing.

Her husband Raymond Ng was present in court. 

The consequent delays to investigations are no doubt caused by her active and deliberate attempts to frustrate those very investigations.