Lindsey Jacobellis wins the U.S. its first gold medal at the 2022 Beijing Olympics

On Wednesday, the 36-year-old won her first gold in the women's snowboard cross event in Beijing.

giving the USA its first gold medal. She is also the oldest American gold medalist.

The win made up for her disappointing loss in Torino in 2006. She overflowed with joy as she crossed the finish line.

"It would have been nice, but focusing on redemption would have taken away from the task at hand, and that's not why I race."


On Wednesday, Jacobellis maintained her focus and held off competitors Chloe Trespeuch, from France, and Meryeta Odine, from Canada.

Snowboard cross pits four racers against each other as they fly over jumps.

Jacobellis said it feels great because the women's riding level is much higher than it was 16 years ago. "I felt like a winner just getting to the finals, because that's always been a challenge.".

Jacobellis' win ends an unusual five-day long streak of no gold medals for the U.S. at the Winter Games.