Best Desserts That Help In Weight Loss

1) Chocolate Chip Cookies

Is a chocolate chip cookie more classic? Our low-calorie version uses all the usual components. We basically went easy on the butter and chocolate chips.

2) Molten Chocolate Cake

This molten chocolate cake is a game changer for all you non-bakers out there. Your guests will be wowed by the delicious chocolate lava gushing out of the cake's centre.

3) Best Fudgy Brownies

Finding a "healthy" low-calorie brownie recipe frequently involves substituting butter, eggs, and sugar, resulting in a bland, unsatisfying brownie.

4) Tiramisu

The components in tiramisu aren't good for you. Soufflé made using egg whites and whipped cream cheese instead of egg yolks and mascarpone.

5) Espresso Granita

These frozen sweets are as wonderful as ice cream sundaes and as simple to make. Who doesn't want a chilled, refreshing espresso after dinner instead of a heated drink?

6) 2-Step Affogato

Dessert with only two ingredients and 150 calories! This dish combines ice cream with espresso or coffee to create a delicious drink.

7) Blueberry-Peach Cobbler

Desserts that are cool and refreshing are popular in the summer. Blueberry-peach cobbler, anyone? We bake two healthy fruits and top them with delicate crisp biscuits.

8) Key Lime Pie

If you've never prepared a pie, this is the simplest ever. Just mix, pour, bake, serve & eat! Thanks to a graham cracker crust and key lime taste, this is a dessert everyone will enjoy.

9) Banana-Nutella Crepes

A dessert crepe is heavy in calories, but moderation is vital, right? Nutella is a typical hazelnut spread that is lighter when paired with bananas.

10) Ice Cream Sandwich

Making ice cream sandwiches together is a fun family activity. Easy snacks for everyone. Healthy ice cream toppings like fruits or nuts can be added.

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