best worst foods for rosacea


Alcohol has been shown to irritate and inflame keratinocytes Because stress on the skin causes a histamine response, which causes inflammation.

Spicy Foods

Like alcohol, spicy foods can cause skin and facial inflammation. This causes flushed skin and can cause inflammatory bumps and pimples.


Cinnamaldehyde is a cinnamon flavouring compound. Cinnamaldehyde causes rosacea. Sugar can irritate the skin and cause inflammation.

High-Niacin Foods

Your immune system has Langerhans cells in your skin. Niacin-rich foods like poultry, tuna, peanuts, and crustaceans can cause skin irritation.

Hot Drinks

Caffeine and hot chocolate are both prohibited in rosacea diets. Hot beverages dilate blood vessels, causing skin to appear red.

Dairy Products

Some people report less rosacea flares after cutting dairy out of their diet. A dairy-free diet requires obtaining nutrients from other sources.

Artificial Sweeteners

To reduce sugar intake, some rosacea sufferers find that artificial sweeteners cause their skin to flush more than sugar-based products.

Refined Sugar and Flour

Sugar and flour-based products can aggravate rosacea. Sugary foods, juices, and sodas should be avoided if you have rosacea.

Processed Foods

Pre-made meals or ingredients are frequently used in today's hectic world. Processed foods should be avoided if you have rosacea.

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