Bill Gates Predicts Another Epidemic

COVID-19 Has "Dramatically Decreased" The Chance Of Severe Sickness, According To Bill Gates, But Another Pandemic Is Almost Inevitable.

Gates, Co-Chair Of The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Told CNBC's Hadley Gamble That A New Pandemic Would Likely Be Caused By A Pathogen Other Than The Coronavirus Family.

But, He Noted, If Investments Are Made Now, Breakthroughs In Medical Technology Should Help The World Battle It Better. “Another Pandemic. “Next Time, A Different Pathogen,” Gates Remarked.

He Stated The Coronavirus Pandemic's Worst Effects Had Faded After Two Years As Huge Portions Of The Worldwide Population Have Obtained Immunity. The Latest Omicron Version Has Reduced Its Severity.

But, According To Gates, The Virus Itself Generates Immunity And Has “Done A Greater Job Of Reaching The Global Population Than Vaccines.”

“The Danger Of Serious Disease Is Now Considerably Decreased Because Of That Infection Exposure,” He Said.

Gates Said It Was “Too Late” To Fulfil The WHO's Aim Of Vaccinating 70% Of The World's Population By Mid-2022. Currently, 61.9% Of The World's Population Has Gotten A COVID-19 Vaccine.

“Instead Of Two Years, We Should Aim For Six Months,” Gates Said, Citing Standardised Platforms, Including Messenger RNA (MRNA) Technology.

“The Cost Of Being Ready For The Next Pandemic Is Not That Large. It’s Not Like Climate Change. If We’re Rational, Yes, The Next Time We’ll Catch It Early.”

Mr. Gates Has Given $300 Million To The Coalition For Epidemic Preparedness Innovations, Which Helped Develop The Covax Initiative For Distributing Vaccines In Low And Middle-Income Countries.

Fundraising Efforts Of The CEPI Are Aimed At Raising $3.5 Billion So That New Vaccines Can Be Developed In Less Than 100 Days.