Bizarre Beverage Combinations Drinks

Adding butter to your coffee is weird enough, but combining orange juice and coffee is really out there. At Infusion Coffee & Tea in Tempe, Arizona

Coffee and Orange Juice

There's a new alcoholic beverage vying for a partnership with the fan-favorite soft drink. The Spanish drink Kalimotxo is a mix of Coca-Cola and red wine

Coke and Red Wine

Were Laverne and Shirley onto something, or is this combination just plain gross? Apparently, the unusual combination isn't just the stuff of TV legend.

Pepsi and Milk

You won't need to add a spoonful of sugar to your morning brew with this inventive combination. Extra Crispy called the combination of coke and coffee

Coke and Coffee

Forget the classic Arnold Palmer—some fans have moved on to a carbonated version. One Sam's Club visitor called the combination "delicious".

Coke and Lemonade

Another inventive take on the Arnold Palmer, this is apparently such a popular combination that Starbucks has its own iced coffee lemonade recipe

Coffee and Lemon

Sarah Karnasiewicz wrote in Real Simple that she tried this combination at a local coffee shop, The Daily, while visiting Charleston, South Carolina

Soda and Espresso

If grapefruit soda and espresso are a little too much, start slow by mixing the carbonated water into your cold coffee. Cold brew and tonic water is a pretty

Brew and Tonic

This is a popular combination in Germany, according to Wishful Chef, and the drink is known as a Radler. The blog explains that as legend has it

Beer and Sprite

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