10 Best Breakfast Foods for People with Diabetes


Each large egg contains around 70 calories and 6 grammes of protein. Also, one egg has less than one gramme of carbs.

Berry Greek yoghurt

Greek yogurt with berries is an easy, tasty, and nutritious breakfast option that suits individuals with diabetes.

Chia pudding overnight

Chia seeds are great for people with diabetes since they’re high in fiber and healthy omega-3 fatty acids yet low in digestible carbs


Despite its high carb content, oatmeal is a good choice for diabetics due to its high fibre content.

Avo-granola toast

Multigrain avocado toast is a simple and popular dish that can be enjoyed by people with diabetes.

Low carb smoothies

While most smoothies are high in carbs and sugar, there are ways to produce a great low carb smoothie that diabetics will like.


Beef is strong in zinc, which promotes long-term eye health. MUSCULAR DEGENERATION AND AGE-RELATED

Cottage cheese fruit

Consumption of dairy products may also help lower insulin resistance, a common problem among diabetics.

Tofu scrambled toast

Tofu is a low-carb, high-protein, high-fat breakfast alternative for diabetics. It's created from squeezed condensed soy milk.