Scientifically Proven Consequences of Quitting Beer

Less ale can have the following side effects. Doubtful you need to trim? See if you can spot these 5 subtle signs of over-drinking.

1. A flatter belly

In fact, "Body by Bud" was never intended to be aspirational. Beer consumption can lead to weight gain. That weight gain can be reversed by quitting beer!

2.Improved liver function

The liver is a tough organ, but don't push it. Abstaining from alcohol frees the liver to focus on other tasks like detoxification and fat metabolism.

3. Weight loss

The RD at Nutritious Life says calorie counting isn't the best way to lose weight. "No booze. Cutting empty-calorie intake makes sense." Hard seltzers have negative effects.

4.More restful sleep

"Drinking close to bedtime will negatively affect your sleep." "Even two drinks per day can cause sleep disturbances that last longer than a 24-hour cycle."

5. Less brain fog

Abstinence from beer protects your brain from mycotoxins and heavy metals. Particularly if the liver is failing.

6.Reduce Blood Pressure

Don't drink alcohol to lower your BP. Limiting alcohol is also beneficial. Discuss numbers with your doctor. BP 120/80. 130/80 or higher blood pressure.

7.Your sex life may change.

Alcohol can annoy a couple. Overindulgence in alcoholism reversal Many males battle ED. Vaginal and sex induced inhibition Watch and don't drink

8.Your Heart Improves

The heart-healthy red wine. Or only for light drinkers? (one drink per day) It may help with hypertension and heart failure.

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