Robins, who starred in the 1960s cartoon, died.

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Peter Robbins, the actor who first portrayed Charlie Brown in Peanuts, died at 65.

He took his own life last week, according to San Diego's Fox 5 TV.

 Robbins was a longtime friend of Phil Blauer, a station anchor. 

He also helped document Robbins' mental health struggles. 

To learn of Robbins' death, Blauer tweeted on Tuesday, "my heart is broken today." 

Added he "Godspeed, my friend. But I'm hoping he finally kicks it among the angels"

In the 1966 TV special It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, 

Robbins voiced one of Charlie Brown's most memorable lines, "I got a rock."In A Charlie 

Brown Christmas a year prior, Robbins spoke for many who struggled to get into the holiday spirit.