10 Foods Making Your Acne Even Worse

Skim Milk

While low-fat and fat-free milk are good for you, over 65% of individuals are lactose intolerant. This is terrible for your GI system as well as your face.


Inflammation may cause weight gain and chronic disorders. It may also irritate skin. therefore too much may trigger breakouts. Sugar decrease may help you lose weight and clean your skin.


Pizza is great, but it might trigger breakouts. Pizza is heavy in saturated fat, which is harmful for gut health and causes inflammation.

Egg Whites

Egg yolk cholesterol has little influence on blood cholesterol levels, according to research. Why eat the egg? The yolk is filled with skin-friendly vitamins.


Like milk, soy may disrupt hormones. Soy isoflavones mimic oestrogen in the body. HRT may help reduce hormonal breakouts around the lips and jawline. Most mayonnaise includes soybean oil.

White Bread

A lot of meals promote acne and rosacea according to Dr. Tasneem Bhatia. It turns out that even "healthy" whole grain cereals with low GI may be high in wrinkle-causing glucose.

Fast Food

And fast food is lacking of essentials like omega-3s. According to Kathy Siegel, RD, CDN, omega-3 fatty acids also help reduce wrinkles and other signs of ageing.

Too Much Meat

Susan Tucker, holistic nutritionist and CEO of Green Beat Life, feels beauty is more than skin deep. "Meat-free diets benefit many with acne, rosacea, and eczema,"


Alcohol is another inflammatory factor that may cause skin irritation. Excessive alcohol use is associated to poor zinc absorption, putting persons at risk of zinc insufficiency.

Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are high in inflammatory sugar and glycemic index as well as skin irritating B vitamins. People with acne are more prone I've seen vitamin Bs cause acne individuals without