Glamorous Side Swept Hair Looks

People often associate side-swept styles with long, cascading waves. But medium and short-length hair looks just as glamorous pulled over one shoulder. 

1.Short Waves

The classic side-swept look that's bound to make an appearance on the red carpet is a great option for formal events.

2.A Formal Classic

One super quick way to add a little extra glam to your hair style is to over-direct your side part, pulling a few strands past your regular comfort zone.

3.Over-Directed Parting

Here, Yara Shahidi maintains the classic deep part that's associated with side-swept styles, but she's pinned her curls into a faux bob.

4.Tighter Curls

If your hair holds a curl well and you're in the biggest time crunch to get out the door looking "event ready" (this one goes out to all my fellow mamas),

5.Soft "S" Waves

If you decide to tighten the side being brought over, use matte bobby pins to get a nice and secure grip. 

6.One Side Back

If your hair is heavy and you're having a hard time pinning your locks to the side, try braiding it back and securing it with a clear elastic  at the opposite side of your neck.

7.Braid It Back

Here, Pattern Beauty founder Tracee Ellis Ross wears her hair in long, side-swept goddess braids, a style that's equally protective as it is stunning.

8.Side-Swept Goddess Braids

More length doesn't necessarily mean more time in front of the mirror.Even if you're carrying waist length locks,use a waver instead of a barrel iron like this option from R Session

9.Extra Long Locks

Every era has its own unique take on the side-swept look. Here, Blake Lively brought the disco vibes back full swing with these 3/4" wrapped curls.

10.Disco Fever

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