Google Docs catches up with Word, adding watermark support

GDocs rocks! It allows me to create documents or edit existing ones on the fly, 

using a browser and a keyboard, on my smartphone or computer.

 However, compared to Microsoft Word, Docs has always felt lacking in 

non-core features. Google Docs is now catching up to its competitors in one important area: watermarks.

Google Docs users can now add watermarks to their documents in the form of images or text.

 You can also save a Word document or export it from Docs to a local format. 

To add a watermark to your document, go to the top bar, click "Insert", and scroll down 

to "Watermark". The feature isn't available on mobile, so you'll need to use a desktop browser to add it.

"Draft" or "Confidential" watermarks will help the reader understand the document's status.