ADBaiken's new and simpler design causes mixed but mostly positive reactions among the FGC

The long-running joke in the Guilty Gear community is that everyone "loves" but no one actually plays as Baiken

so Arc System Works looks to be trying to change that by removing her more complex mechanics and making her Guilty Gear Strive design more straightforward.

the FGC is wary or not too happy with "dumbing down" a fighter, but many appear to be applauding the changes to Baiken.

Baiken's new unique trait is that she can attach a tether to her opponent that keeps them physically tied together

Taking a look around the FGC social media spaces

 most of the professional players and community leaders we've seen appear to be taking the alterations positively or at least cautiously optimistic.

Others like Sajam and Woolie seem to be totally down with the new tether mechanic albeit maybe also a tiny bit sad Azami and Suzuran are now gone.

Not everyone is jumping for joy, however, as ZK|Pochoclo23 and some fellow players see it as a shame that they've stripped away her previous core design.

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