Heidi Klum Says Her Legs Are Insured for $2 Million, but One Is “More Expensive” Than the Other

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Heidi Klum doesn’t just look like a million bucks, her legs alone are worth two million.

During her appearance on The Ellen Show on Tuesday, she and DeGeneres played a game called “Blanking” in which the supermodel had to complete a handful of sentences.

One of those prompts read, “My legs were insured for $2m…another body part that should also be insured is…” Klum joked that

it’s really her breasts that should come with that high-price guarantee before explaining that it was actually 

 “client that insured” her famous legs, not her, adding “It’s weird the things some people do.”

The model added that a warranty should also be taken out on her breasts.

she said she have more beautiful body than others

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