'House of Gucci' review: Lady Gaga, Jared Leto deliver Oscar-worthy performances

 medieval "Rashomon"-inspired "The Last Duel" and crime-drama "House of Gucci," which was released in Philippine theaters last week.

"House of Gucci" mainly follows Lady Gaga's Patrizia Reggiani in a doomed romance with Adam Driver's Maurizio Gucci that intertwines with gaining control of the famous Italian fashion brand Gucci. 

Beyond the tumultuous relationship of Patrizia and Maurizio, the film also dives into the bickering among members of the Gucci family and the resurgence of the Gucci brand.

The film struggles to juggle all these storylines in a well-paced manner, even with a runtime exceeding two-and-a-half hours

becoming instead a story that is larger than life because of melodramatic confrontations and exquisite clothing (as you would expect from a film with Gucci in its name).

The film can take pride in such eye-catching costume design thanks in part to Janty Yates, especially in dressing up Gaga and Driver

as well as to Gucci itself for providing their vast wardrobe.

In general, "House of Gucci" overemphasizes a tragic and resurgent tale that could have piqued the interests of many

but thanks to experts in the sensational like Gaga and Leto, it did not lose touch of flair and fashion

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