What to eat to boost your metabolism

Good news for coffee lovers: studies show that the caffeine found in your morning cup of java could boost metabolic rate. Don't overdo it though, or you might get the jitters.


Coffee not your thing? Tea has you covered. Together with the caffeine, health-boosting catechins found in certain types of tea may help boost metabolic rate. 


Along with oolong, tea, healthy matcha green tea is thought to help increase fat oxidation and burn extra calories when exercising.

Matcha tea

Researchers say the increase may be partly down to the body expending energy in raising water to body temperature, known as "water-induced thermogenesis."


Often derived from coconuts and typically taken as a supplement or added to smoothies, medium chain triglyceride (MCT) oil is thought to help increase metabolic rate in humans.

MCT oil

One study showed that adding half an avocado at lunch could help reduce people's desire to consume more food in the hours after a meal. 


High in satiating protein, eggs are also rich in B vitamins, which helps convert food into energy. Just resist the temptation to add loads of butter, salt, or cream.


Swapping refined bread and pasta for whole grain varieties could help with weight management.

Whole grains

Firing up your body with chili peppers could help boost the rate at which it burns calories. It's thought that the chemical capsaicin, found in chilis, can reduce calorie absorption.

Chili peppers

A great source of vegan protein, tempeh is full of proteins and healthy fat, which can help you feel full.