How to stop hair fall immediately?


Eating extra protein
Researchers need to carry out additional studies to examine whether nutritional deficiencies do relate to hair loss.

The best products contain all or most of the recommended daily amounts of each vitamin and mineral in a single dose.

Taking multivitamin supplements

the herbs and vegetables in the Mediterranean diet and a decreased risk of androgenetic alopecia

Mediterranean diet

A small study in 9 healthy men found that a daily 4-minute Trusted Sourcescalp massage stimulated hair growth.

Trying a scalp massage

Applying coconut oil to the scalp could strengthen hair and avoid loss from damage.

coconut oil for damaged hair

doctors sometimes use minoxidil for treating other causes of hair loss, such as from chemotherapy. 

Taking hair loss medication

This applies to people with chemotherapy-related or genetic hair loss.

Trying low-level light therapy

About 80% of participants using onion juice saw improvements after 6 weeks.

onion juice on the scalp

Taking proper care of the hair and scalp can help prevent hair loss.

Maintaining good hair and scalp care