How to Straighten Your Hair Without Heat

know the best tips for your hairs 

1. Blow dry with cold air

This method shouldn’t take considerably longer, but you may need to keep a straightening serum or spray-on leave-in-conditioner at the ready to tame fly-away strands. 

2. Wrap your hair

secure with a hair turban before you go to sleep at night.

3. Roll with plastic rollers

These types of rollers may take some practice, but some people with medium-to-longer length hair swear by them.

products meant to straighten hair

Smoothing serums and keratin-packed spray-on conditioners can coat your hair strands, weighing them down and relaxing your curls.

5. Sleep with your hair wet

 This will cut down on friction against your hair that can happen while you sleep

6. Try a hair mask

Hair masks that are meant to restore protein to hair could make curly hair appear more relaxed.

7. Apply essential oils

Some essential oils are more readily absorbed into your hair than chemical products.