Making up Anna Delvey's storey dilutes it.

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staart reading

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Inventing Anna

"Inventing Anna" turns a juicy real-life drama about an influencer con artist into a dull limited series.

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 first Netflix hit

by giving the reporter who broke the storey almost equal weight. Shonda Rhimes' first Netflix hit, "Bridgerton," had tongues wagging, but her latest is less likely.. 

Even if Garner's character, Anna Delvey, actually sounded like this, listening to it for nine episodes is at best distracting, and at worst ear-bending.


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high society

She wormed her way into high society before the walls crumbled and she ended up in court.


Delvey lived the good life, fooling many and making many reluctant to discuss their relationships with her.

Anna's storey was difficult to decipher due to the reticence of her victims. Enter Vivian, who relentlessly pursues Anna and her friends, 


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Similar to a structure that shifts focus from one of Anna's marks to another in each chapter, before the trial decides her fate.