Jeff Bezos after Elon Musk buy Twitter

Amazon Founder & Former CEO Jeff Bezos Mulled Whether China Has Gained Leverage Over What Happens On Twitter Now That Tesla CEO Elon Musk Has Secured A $44 Billion Deal With The Social Media Company.

"Interesting Question. Did The Chinese Government Just Gain A Bit Of Leverage Of The Town Square?" Bezos Tweeted In Response To A Tweet Which Noted Tesla’s Reliance On China For Its Large Market.


The Reporter Noted That Tesla's Second-Biggest Market After The U.S. In 2021 Was China And That Chinese Battery Makers Are Major Suppliers For Tesla's Electric Vehicles.

He Also Noted That When China Banned Twitter In 2009, The Government "Had Almost No Leverage Over The Platform." He Then Suggested That, Due To Musk's Acquisition, "That May Have Just Changed."

Bezos, However, Went On To Say That Beijing Likely Did Not Gain Leverage Over Twitter. "My Own Answer To This Question Is Probably Not," The Amazon Founder Added.

"The More Likely Outcome In This Regard Is Complexity In China For Tesla, Rather Than Censorship At Twitter." "But We’ll See. Musk Is Extremely Good At Navigating This Kind Of Complexity," He Added.

Bezos’ Commentary On Tesla’s Relationship With China Is Peculiar Given A Reuters Investigation In December That Found Amazon Had Capitulated To Demands From China To Continue Doing Business.

Bezos And Musk Have Traded Barbs Over The Years, Taking Shots At Each Other’s Companies.

Musk Quipped On Twitter That The Washington Post Was "Always Good For A Laugh," In Response To An Op-Ed Titled: "Elon Musk’s Twitter Investment Could Be Bad News For Free Speech."


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