Joni Mitchell wants Spotify songs removed

"Responsible people spread lies that cost people their lives," she wrote on her official website. 

On Monday, Young said the streaming service must choose between him and Joe Rogan. 

Canadian-American singer Neil Young and the "global scientific and medical communities" in

 a message posted on Facebook on Friday. Neil Young and Joni Mitchell are 

Unlike Young, Mitchell did not name Mr Rogan.
In her tweet, she did include a link to an open letter signed

 by scientists and medical professionals criticising Spotify for hosting Rogan's podcast.The letter accuses 

Rogan of spreading falsehoods and inciting disdain for science and medicine. It urges Spotify to "take action against 

mass-misinformation events" on its platform."Spreading fake information about vaccines - potentially causing 

death to those who believe the disinformation being spread by them," Neil Young said on Monday.