Lilly Singh, diagnosed with ovarian, writes 

Lilly Singh posted a video from a hospital bed, telling her fans she has ovarian cysts.

“Praying for you,” said Jacqueline Fernandez.Lilly Singh posted on Instagram that she has

ovarian cysts and was rushed to the hospital's emergency room.

Many celebs, like Jacqueline Fernandez, wished her a swift recovery.

Lilly published a video of herself on a hospital bed on Instagram. Lilly wrote, "I'm shocked and hurt."

"My ovaries have the AUDACITY to be wielding out.

They both have cysts. And I'm out here like, B?! Please explain.

You're going to torture me once a month AND knife me in between periods?! LOLOLOLOL. WOW. THE NERVE...

WEAKKKK... No, but. It hurts and I'm fatigued, but I expect my organs to perform their best. I am their mommy."

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