Manchester United's Ralf Rangnick perplexed over missed handball in loss to Middlesbrough

Ralf Rangnick said Manchester United just had themselves to fault for their FA Cup fourth round exit to Middlesbrough notwithstanding contending the objective they surrendered ought not have stood.

How can it be accidental handbal if he controls the ball up in the air with his hand? Rangnick asked after the match. "It was clear it should not stand, but in the end I was really surprised it stood

In the first half we should have easily been 3-0 up and second half we had chances too. We should have won the game in normal time. On penalties it can happen what happened today.

Lingard later posted on social media saying he had been absent from training on the advice of the club but asked again on Friday night, Rangnick appeared to stick to his version of events.

I would have loved to have had him in the squad, but it was not the case and therefore it doesn't make sense to speak about players who were not available

Not since the 1980s have United gone so long without winning a trophy but the club and team are in such a state of flux that only the most optimistic supporter would claim they could see an end 

team fdeadwood and driftwood players past their best and others who are performing below their ability that they risk wasting the talent that initially made them worthy of wearing the United shirt.

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