Mediterranean Diet Weight Loss Benefits

Almost 80% Of Those Surveyed Said They Saw Positive Changes To Their Health Like More Energy. "I Feel As Though I Have More Energy And Sleep Better," One Said.

More Energy

Since It Takes The Top Spot As The Easiest Diet To Follow, According To The U.S. News, Eating Along The Mediterranean Diet Is A Great Way To Put Pep Into Your Step.

A Quarter Of Those Who Answered The Survey Said They Are Exercising More And Have More Energy Because They Are Eating Foods Like Fish, Chickpeas, Seeds, Nuts.

Exercising More

The Exercise Performance Of People Following The Mediterranean Diet Improved Virtually Immediately Or Within A Few Days.

Although It Isn't Necessarily A Result Of Mediterranean Diet Weight Loss, Those Who Followed It Say They Enjoy Making Food More Than Ever.

Excited To Cook

My Biggest Addition Has Probably Been The Increase In The Amount Of Healthy Fats I Consume, Such As EVOO. I've Also Started Using More Marinated Artichoke Hearts, Capers And Various Sorts Of Olives.

Mediterranean Diet Weight Loss Can Lead To Clearer Skin! By Eating Fewer Sweets, Red Meat, And Dairy In Addition To More Vegetables And Healthy Fats.

Better Skin

"One Respondent Said They Experienced A Benefit Of Losing Weight That Isn't On The Inside. "My Skin Looks Better. My Clothes Are Getting Looser, And My Stomach Is Shrinking," They Said.

"I Began Eating This Way Two Years Ago," One Person Who Answered The Survey Said. "And One Year Ago I Went Off Of Blood Pressure Medicine!"

Lower Blood Pressure

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