Outlander Season-Premiere Recap

If you expected a happy or lighter return to the world of Outlander (season five began with a wedding, remember?)

In 1773, things are not good on Fraser's Ridge. Let me remind you of the awful attack and kidnapping of Claire by the Browns.

Sure, the Ridge seems smooth as silk right now, but there is tension, threats, and plenty of knowing glances that this isn't good.

This is nothing new in the Ballad of Claire and Jamie Fraser - they've gone through the worst and still managed to move forward.

But this time, things feel different and I think it’s because the normally resilient Claire and Jamie both seem defeated for the first time.

It ends with "we invent our own ghosts and torment ourselves." Claire uses her own ether to knock herself out in another scenario!!

After only one episode, the tension builds. Part of that is due to the oncoming Revolutionary War, but part is owing to the dangers of Fraser's Ridge.

Jamie's land has so many dangerous guys lingering around! I know Jamie is too sweet to just say, "Get off my yard," but he should be.

It's preposterous to call someone who has dabbled in murder "too nice," but he is, and he will pay the price. To Tom Christie.

In addition to Christie and his family, he's brought along his son Allan, daughter Malva, and a few other fishermen friends.

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