Sex, Crimes, and Videotape in ‘Pam & Tommy'

Lily James and Sebastian Stan star in a new Hulu series about a stolen sex tape that changed pop culture. Pamela Anderson 

and her new husband, Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee, were on top of the world in 1995. He could still live the 

rocka life in their Malibu mansion while she starred in the TV hit “Baywatch.” Using a Hi8 camcorder, they can 

capture some of their happiest moments, including some very naked and sexual ones. Then the video leaked, much to the 

couple's dismay. And moved. The eight-part scripted series “Pam & Tommy,” a wild, picaresque romp through the 

nightclubs, palaces, and porn dens of mid-90s Hollywood, premiered on Hulu on Wednesday. But the show is 

about more than celebrity antics or period-perfect riffs on its lead couple's bizarre trials and tribulations. The series follows the scandal that made

 billions, destroyed lives, and made the celebrity sex tape a cultural touchstone. As glam gave way to grunge, cheap video and dial-up modems

 exponentially increased the reach — and intrusiveness of the sexual imagery business.