Peloton's stock price rose Monday on unsubstantiated allegations that big-name suitors like Amazon, Apple, and Nike are eyeing the troubled fitness startup.s



Premarket trading on Monday saw Peloton up 32% on rumours that tech and consumer giants  investigating acquisitions. Peloton's stock had surged 15% by midday to around $28. Closed at $29.75.


Experts on Wall Street say this suitor list makes sense. "We see numerous potential benefits for Amazon from a Peloton acquisition," stated Truist Securities analysts.


 Apple didn't get engaged

Ives believes Apple will be involved in the Peloton sale process, given reports that Amazon and Nike are interested in the company.

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A winning bidder would "get a huge foothold inside the living rooms of consumers globally," Ives added.t


During the epidemic, customers were primarily confined to their homes, eager to exercise in their own environments and looking for methods to interact electronically with like-minded people.


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These occurrences have reduced Peloton's overall market value by almost 80% from a peak of approximately $50 billion in January 2021.

Foley and other Peloton executives would have to approve the sale. They'll have their chance to speak with Wall Street analysts on Tuesday, when Peloton is expected to report second-quarter results.

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On the other hand, slowing subscriber growth as the US emerges from tight social distance and other pandemic-related precautions could make it a bad investment.