Popular Foods Wrecking Your Gut Health

Processed meats

Although They Are A Good Source Of Protein, Processed Meats Like Bacon Or Sausage Have Been Known To Potentially Cause Problems For Your Gut Health Due To Their Saturated Fat Content.

A Review From Clinical Nutrition Found A Link Between Total Fat Intake—Specifically Saturated Fats—And A Reduction In Total Bacterial Number, Bacterial Richness, And Diversity In The Gut.

Foods with added sugar

Sugar-Sweetened Foods, Such As Cakes, Cookies, Sodas, Sugary Juices, And Other Sugar-Sweetened Snacks, Can Fast Harm Your Gut Health To Other Health Issues.

"Too Much Sugar Can 'Feed' The Bad Bacteria, Which Can Compete For Survival With The Good Bacteria," Says Clair.


Heavy Drinking, According To Registered Dietitian Morgyn Clair, MS, RDN, Author Of Fit Healthy Momma, Can Have Long-Term Consequences On Your Gut Health.

Studies Show That Moderate To Heavy Drinkers Have Fewer Good Bacteria Colonies In Their Digestive Systems, In Add To Proving That Specific Alcoholic Drinks Alter Normal Digestion.

Soybean oil

Soybean Oil, And Is Often Used In Margarine, Certain Salad Dressings, Some Types Of Mayonnaise, Nutrition Bars, And Many Frozen Foods, Is Shown To Be Harmful To Gut Health In Studies.

A Diet High In Soybean Oil, Which Is High In Omega-6 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids, Reduced The Levels Of Two Bacterial Species That Make Health-Promoting Metabolites.

Artificial sweeteners

While Many People May Reach For Artificial Sweeteners To Save Calories And Help With Weight Loss, These May Negatively Impact Your Gut Health Over Time.


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