How to Lose Abdominal Fat

Why Visceral Fat is So Unhealthy

"Visceral fat is a critical issue. Diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and cardiovascular disease are connected to it.

Factors Affecting Abdominal Fat Loss

"Research shows that any lifestyle adjustment that promotes total body fat reduction will also result in visceral fat loss," says creator of EMAC Certifications.

High Intensity Interval Training

HIT has been shown to help reduce visceral fat, says Mahoney. That HIIT may help you lose visceral fat is mostly based on studies.

Make One Change At A Time

"We can all make 100 adjustments to our lifestyle or diets," says Sandy Younan Brikho, MDA, RDN, of The Dish On Nutrition.

Stay Away From Salt

"Too much salt may induce swelling by extra fluid in your body tissues, particularly as we age," explains Terrance Hutchinson, CPT, CET, FNS.

Get More Sleep

According to Hutchinson, "Not getting enough sleep can cause fluctuations in your hunger hormones resulting in sugar and carbohydrate cravings.

Have A Healthy Diet

She wants a meal or meals that rapidly burn fat. But no such foods exist. However, a mix of food and lifestyle adjustments may help you lose weight.