shocking moments from Amber Heard

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Heard had auditioned for a movie Depp was producing and when she went to his office, she assumed it would be to audition for him, but it turned out to be a long meeting.

"unusual and remarkable"

A photo was shown of a bruise on Heard's arm that she claimed was caused by Depp during a past physical altercation.

bruise on Heard's arm 

Depp was "the love of her life" – but Heard also said he was "this other thing" that was "awful"

"the love of her life"

 Depp thought she told his kids that he was "a drunk" – and it led to a physical altercation, and Depp saying he could "f***ing kill" her.

depp could kill her

Heard alleged Depp did a "cavity search" on her when he thought she was hiding his cocaine.

"cavity search" 

 " he took the foil off of this bottle and put it on my ring finger," she said. "And I had only been with him days, it was weeks at the time, but it just felt very intense." 

 how they fell in love

 Heard said her sister got involved in a physical altercation with Depp.

physical altercation

Heard described several instances where she alleged Depp physically abused her – some of her testimony turning extremely graphic.

 alleged abuse

Depp's proposal to Heard was "sweet," but he did not have an engagement ring. She said he "got down on one knee and said 'I want you to be my girl, my woman, my girl.

how Depp proposed to her