Side effects of eating bananas

One side effect of eating bananas on a regular basis could be the number on your scale starting to go down. This is because of the protein and fiber-rich nature of bananas.

1.You could lose weight.

Tryptophan, an amino acid that makes you feel sleepy, can be found in bananas, which is why eating a banana at the end of the day can get you feeling ready for bed. 

2.You'll fall asleep faster.

An unhealthy gut can lead to various issues throughout the body, so working on your microbiome should be a top priority. 

3.You'll improve your gut health.

 According to a Swedish study, women who ate four to six bananas a week were able to cut their risk of developing kidney cancer in half. 

4.You can lower risk of kidney cancer.

Eating a banana each day will not only keep you from feeling fatigued throughout the day, but will also improve your athletic performance.

5.You'll increase your energy level.

Well, according to the BCC, it can. It's the richness in B vitamins that give bananas the power to support memory function as well as protect the brain.

6.You can enhance your memory.

 The vitamins and minerals in bananas, particularly the manganese, work to boost collagen levels and thus repair your skin. 

7.You can improve your skin.

Iron content in banana work to boost iron level and,thus, counteract the anemia. Some other iron-rich food that work to fight iron deficiencie are black bean,salmon.

8.You'll lower your risk of anemia

Did you ever think that your morning banana could be the reason for your happy mood? Well, it turns out it can be.

10.You'll feel less depressed.

It's the vitamin A in bananas that you have to thank for your improved vision.

11 You'll improve your vision.

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