10 Surprising Raw Banana Benefits

 Improve Nutrient Absorption

When you include unripe bananas in your diet, there will be an improvement in the health of your colon because of the short-chain fatty acids present in these bananas.

 Regulate Blood Pressure

Unripe bananas have a high content of potassium. mineral needed for better muscle movement, proper functioning of nerves, and purifying of blood by the kidneys. 

 Probiotic Bacteria

These bacteria are specifically good for your gut. Unripe bananas are one of the best foods for friendly and good bacteria.

Help Digestion

Green bananas contain high levels of resistant starch, and this makes them really good for the process of digestion.

 Prevent and Treat Diarrhoea

Green bananas can prevent and treat diarrhoea. This problem is caused by a virus, bacteria, or parasitic infection and when green bananas are consumed.

Improve Metabolism

Green bananas are rich in essential nutrients and minerals which optimise metabolism by giving the body a stable, and complex carbohydrate base.

Weight Loss

When green bananas are added to the diet, they help lose excess fat present in the body. This is because the bananas contain resistant starch that keeps the stomach full.

Healthy Hair and Skin

Green bananas are rich in vitamins. Raw bananas are especially rich in Vitamin B6, and Vitamin C. Vitamin C is important for healthy hair and skin.

 Good for Diabetes

Raw bananas are great for diabetes because the sugar content in raw bananas is very low. It keeps the digestive system healthy since it has a glycaemic content that is less than 55. 

Kidney Functioning

Raw bananas help maintain the health of the kidneys. These bananas help in maintaining the electrolytic balance of the body and support the proper and healthy functioning of kidneys.