The #1 Best Fruit for Inflammation

What fruit should you reach for every day if you want to safeguard yourself from chronic inflammation? Coupled with a healthy, balanced diet and lifestyle choices

These small-but-mighty purplish-blue berries—brimming with antioxidants—pack a major punch when it comes to their health benefits from

Lowering your cholesterol and blood pressure to helping with weight maintenance and reducing your risk of cardiovascular disease.

"Fruits, like blueberries, are extremely rich in antioxidants: plant compounds that fight inflammation. Antioxidants work by absorbing oxidative stress

That we get from our environment—often through foods that are inflammatory (meat, processed foods, sugar)—and neutralizing them, thereby decreasing inflammation in the body,"

Indeed, inflammation wreaks havoc on your body and is linked to various health conditions and diseases: "Chronic, low-level inflammation

Causes oxidative stress in the body that leads to many of the chronic conditions common to Western nations," says Trista K. Best, MPH, RD, LDN of Balance One Supplements. 

"The most common of these conditions caused and/or exacerbated by inflammation include heart disease, obesity, and most notably aging."

In blueberries their toxin-removal process "benefits overall health by preventing cellular damage that leads to chronic diseases like cancer and obesity," says Best.

Studies show that blueberries not only contain the highest levels of polyphenol antioxidants,they also exhibit the strongest free-radical-fighting antioxidant capacity amongst the three berries tested

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