The 10  Best Chest Exercises

A favourite of military drill instructors, the push-up has plentiful benefits to bestow. Least of all the fact that you can do it any time, any place.


Simple push-up hack that keeps you challenged. Wiener recommends resting your hands on a raised surface like a coffee table or sofa.

Incline Push-Up

“The inverse of the last move,” Maciver says. Legs on a bench, hands down Make sure your chest is nearly flat. Pose and clench your fist

Decline Push-Up

The pull-up, or 'king of exercises,' sculpts your chest and arms. Lifting the chest improves posture and breathing. “It's great for any workout,” says Wiener.


explosiveness and upper-body strength, says Maciver. Exhale as your hands clap together. Ten should be enough to exhaust you for a week.

Clap Push-Up

This push-up is done with alternate arms outstretched at 90 degrees by your side, so you're extending one arm at a time as you lift your body.

Archer Push-Up

Chest flies help to open the chest, reducing tightness and pain. According to Wiener, it's one of the best exercises for upper body strength.

Chest Fly

The pull over is a great value because it works your chest, back, and core. You can also target your shoulders and triceps with variations.

Pull Overs

But different. “By lifting the bench slightly, you'll target the upper part of your chest, as well as your shoulders and triceps,” says Maciver.

Incline Chest Press

“This is a great strength move,” Maciver says. Using a cable machine instead of dumbbells adds tension and resistance to your pecs.

Cable Crossover