'The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window' Isn't Funny Enough to Register as Parody

 Bell stars as Anna, a woman whose marriage has fallen apart following the death of her young daughter. 

she spends her days glugging huge glasses of wine and developing a fear of the rain while obsessing about the man across the street and his beautiful girlfriend

If that elevator pitch doesn't sound very funny, that's because it's not. 

The show exaggerates the clich├ęs of the genre, like when Anna talks to her dead daughter so much that she forgets she died, but Bell plays it so straight that it's genuinely quite sad

TWITHATSFTGITW sometimes feels less like a spoof and more like a hokey, straight-to-cable version of the real thing.

This eight-episode run needs to be half as long as twice as silly.

The show's greatest strength is that, even if it doesn't work as a comedy, it's almost passable as an actual murder mystery

With a couple fewer bait-and-switch twists, it might have been a pretty decent payoff. 

It makes the eight episodes pass by quite quickly, even if there is about enough comedic material to fill up one SNL sketch.

 it would be hard to tell that this is supposed to be funny. (Netflix)

This show was originally known simply as The Woman in the House, before Netflix announced its new mouthful of a title back in December. 

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